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    iComponent Software
    We create, deploy, and manage technology solutions using custom and pre-built open source software components.


Who We Are

About iComponent

We use open source components and frameworks to deliver solutions for a connected world in IoT, Big Data, eCommerce, web, and mobile. Founded in the Boston area in 1996, we have a highly experienced core team, embracing new technologies and approaches to create unique software applications.

Our philosophy is to use modern software development techniques and practices to build robust, highly-scalable applications. Each member of our team is invested in the success of a project, and with cross-disciplinary skills, team members can pitch in as needed at any point of the software development life cycle.

Our large network of partners helps fill gaps in our capabilities, allowing us to provide full-service solutions and present a unified and managed team to our clients.

Core Team

Patrick Early

Founder and Principal Software Engineer

Patrick is the founder and Principal Engineer for the company. His interests lie mainly with IoT / Big Data, Machine Learning, and highly scalable software systems.

Tamryn Leblanc

DevOps Team Lead

Tamryn's skills in operating systems, DBs, web apps and the cloud have served her well in her nine years at iComponent. She loves designing and building the infrastructure to help customers bring their IT projects to life.

Matthew Meyer

Web Team Lead

Matthew has a passion for the creative as well as the code. Not only does the site have to work well but it needs to look good while doing it.

Cody Greenhalge

Apps Team Lead

Cody brings his background in Game Development to the company. He develops lightning fast API's for user friendly apps that are fun to use.

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What We Do?




Sensors, sensors, everywhere! We can build that Amazon Alexa app for a marketing purpose or gather massive amounts of data from thousands of sensors in the field for real-time analysis.

Big Data

Big Data

Data is big and is only getting bigger. Our solutions live in the cloud and scale painlessly as data volume grows.



Build it once, view it everywhere - responsive design is our mantra. A web site should function as well on a phone as it does on a tablet or desktop.



We've been on AWS since its release. Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Docker support microservices and management. EC2, S3, SQS, Kinesis, DynamoDB are just some services that help our solutions scale.



We build native iOS and Android, sophisticated cross-platform with Unity, and web / mobile apps with HTML/CSS and Phonegap. App development coupled with strong server-side capabilities, is a win.



Whether it's a custom, multi-national solution on SAP processing $150 million annually or custom-skinned site on Amazon or Magento, we have done it.



Oracle, SAP, SalesForce, LDAP for single-sign-on, and more. We are more than comfortable in the enterprise.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We are new to machine learning but see it as the future for many use cases. Plus, AI is just plain cool!

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