Services What we do

Large-Scale Distributed Cloud Computing

We build solutions in the Cloud that scale. High volume? Low latency? No problem. Our system architects closely analyze client requirements and develop approaches that carefully balance infrastructure costs against reliability and geographic requirements.

Serverless Computing

Managing servers is no fun. Serverless lets us focus on our clients' business problems and technical architecture. We let the hosting provider handle auto-scaling, failover, and OS patches / upgrades.

Epicor CPQ

iComponent is a leading provider of custom CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) design, implementation, and training services, specializing in delivering tailored solutions that enhance sales processes and drive business growth. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated team of experts, iComponent prides itself on delivering high-quality Epicor CPQ solutions that align with our clients' unique business requirements.

iOS / Android Mobile Apps and Games

We build native iOS and Android and sophisticated cross-platform apps and games with Unity, React Native, and Vue JS. Creative app development coupled with strong server-side capabilities is a win.

Modern Web Apps

From simple, usable sites to sophisticated SPA's - build it once, view it everywhere. Responsive design is a given. A web site should function as well on a phone as it does on a tablet or desktop.


We've been on AWS since its release. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is our mantra, allowing repeatable, automated creation of new environments a breeze. And auto-scaling, failover, and monitoring are part of every product we deliver.

IoT / Big Data

Sensors, sensors, everywhere! We build solutions that can gather massive amounts of data from thousands of sensors in the field for real-time analysis. Our solutions live in the cloud and scale painlessly as data volume grows. And with our hardware partners, we can create wholly custom solutions for specialized needs.


Whether it's a custom, multi-national solution on SAP processing $150 million annually or custom-skinned site on Amazon or Magento, we have done it.

Enterprise Integrations

Oracle, SAP, SalesForce, LDAP for single-sign-on, and more. We are more than comfortable in the enterprise.